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It is the year 1867 and it is a time of revolution.

The new science has done more than bring incredible technologies into the homes of everyday people. It has brought with it a new way of looking at the world. A way based on observation and logic that threatens the ancient dogma of Aluminat church teachings.

The industrial revolution seems unstoppable. New technology appears at terrifying speed. Machines are being crafted that seem capable of impossible feats. Many worry that mankind is becoming enslaved to the vast industrial machines that belch smoke into the streets of London.

In the supernatural world, the forces of order and chaos clash once more as the planes align. Their eternal battle reaches once more into the hearts and minds of mortals.

Welcome to the world of Victoriana. It’s been expecting you.

This community is a discussion group for the Victoriana Role-Playing Game, but also for those interested in anything related to the facinating period of Victorian England.

So, feel free to come join our social club, the brandy is excellent and the rules are simple. Just behave like ladies and gentlemen and there will be no need to eject you from our society! :-)