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Dragonmeet 2008 - Victoriana RPG discussion group and news community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Dragonmeet 2008 [Dec. 6th, 2008|03:48 pm]
Victoriana RPG discussion group and news community


Sadly thats another Dragonmeet over.
As usual we had a fabulous time and our games did very well.

We were too busy to get photos, but thanks to the excellent darransims we have a few to show you.

Our stand was manned by me, Dom and Chris while Marc was busy running demo after demo with his team.
We managed to sell out of all of our remaining Starblazer and Victoriana 2nd editions Corebooks as well as the 1st edition Victoriana books we brought.
This may also have been thanks to the lovely Sienna's display skills working their magic.

All the other usual suspects were there as well.

Sasha and Simon of Pelgrane brought much new Cthulu goodness in the shape of 'Shadows over Filmland'
They also brought the writers (Ken Hite and Robin Laws) and artist (Jerome Huguenin) of Trail of Cthulu who were kept busy signing.

As usual, Mongoose were truly mighty

Grim of Postmortem brought both evil and cookies with his excellent games

The Collective Endevour were also there to promote the growing array of indie goodness they produce

Johnny Nexus also brought the Christmas spirit along with his brilliant 'Game Night' novel.

The other wonderful thing about Dragonmeet this year was the guests.
Is this not the most awsome of all seminars?
Kenneth Hite, Robin D Laws, John Wick and James Wallis all in one place.

That wasn't all either, we had a number of writers, artists and guests as well as filling the day with all manner of games of every kind.
The charity auction and bring and buy sale also raised a fantastic amount of money for charity.

Well, thats it for this year, but Cubicle 7 Entertainment will be back on the road again next year,
and back again for Dragonmeet 2009, in London as well as Swindon!